Important things to Pack in Your Summer Baby Bag

  • Extra clothes.
  • Sunscreen and bug repellent.
  • Sun hat and sunglasses
  • Sippy cup and snacks
  • Wet bags


Extra clothes:

Should carry extra cloth. Use the change of seasons to revisit the spare outfit in our diaper bag to make sure it fits and is seasonally appropriate.


Sunscreen and bug repellent:

Sunscreen is necessary of elder, Kids also need to apply because they are easily after and get the sunburn. In evening need to protect kids from mosquitos and bugs.

Sun hat and sunglasses:

Kids need to be protected from the sun so kids must wear hat and sunglasses. They are easily taking hat need to carry things in the bag is a must.

Sippy cup and snacks

Baby sippy cup must carry in your bag. Kids need snacks all time. They had more snacks than food. Snacks should be a nutritionist.


Wet bags:

Should carry wet bags baby easily mess cloths so need to carry the cloths and snacks box inside the wet bags. The bag should be wet check twice before the pack.

Enjoy summer!


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