Things should know about before hire a Nanny

Ask some recommendation.

Who have nannies they trust and see if these nannies have friends they can recommend? This is how we found our nanny, and it worked out great

– bring the potential candidates at home for at least a couple of hours, and see for yourself how they interact with your kid. In the end, it is very personal, and you want to be totally comfortable with the way this person is taking care of your baby.Find best Babysitters and nanny in new york.

baby sitter recoomnedation

Trust your instincts.

It is a long-term relationship, and if all goes well baby and nanny will bond, and you will have a new friend.

Green Road Sign - Follow Your Instincts

Babysitter, child care, nannies, senior home care recommended should be background checks.

I do not recommend nanny shares, it seems attractive as a way to save money and provide some peer interaction with your kid but agreeing with another parent on schedules and details can become an organization nightmare and ruin a friendship.

For time and money save refer here get wonderful nannies for your baby in new jersey.

– you will need to declare her and fill in paperwork with the EDD, not too complicated. You can claim these expense if you or your partner have a dependent care flexible spending plan with your respective employer(s)

Evaluating candidates:

Invest the time to interview a good number of candidates.

I think we spend at least 2 weekends to find the better nanny for your baby.


Make a schedule and give 30 minutes for each candidate .make them comfortable before starting the interview.

Watch how the candidate interacts with the nanny service in Los Angeles.

Check references! Care will do a basic background check, and you can pay for a more enhanced one, but don’t neglect to talk to prior employers.



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