Important checklist questions to ask before buying a home

  1. What is the property worth in current market?

Many play the best role on property estimation and price by (comps) comparable sales, important three key factors plays the best role of property value such us Size(square footage) of the home, Location and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms

  1. Location

Location definitely plays the best role in property value estimation. A professional realtor typically looks the property in one-mile radius or less and so should you. The subdivision, where the houses are all similar and built in the same time period, compare the similar houses with relevant style in the same subdivision or property to get an accurate valuation.




Must go outside comparable sales, with other subdivisions. Dividing lines is must be careful geographic lines such us the park, the main highway or opposite side of the river these are the invisible dividing lines that put another school district and may not collect equitable accompaniment.

  1. Size:

When calculating the home values make sure to evaluate the square footage. Note that appraisers usually verify homes that area unit inside two-hundredth up or down in sq. footage as comparable. Usually (especially inside a subdivision), most homes fall inside a reasonably restricted size vary. Therefore, you ought to be able to develop a decent gauge for the terms of homes in those explicit sizes.

square footage

Why? Because there’s a set value on a house supported the worth of the land, sewer, subdivision plans, cost of construction and other factors. An extra few feet of space involves in very little cost- Possibly some minor electrical and plumbing costs, only wood, carpet, and nails.

  1. Bedrooms & bathrooms

The number of bedrooms and bathrooms is more relevant than the raw square footage. Example a three bedroom house with 1300 square feet might be worth than two bedrooms with 1350 square feet. It also mainly speaks where the bedroom and bathroom is located –it are on the main floor or basement.

While finished basements will add worth, the number of that worth is a smaller amount than it is for above-ground living areas. Plus, this greatly varies looking on completely different regions of the country. In wet areas, below-ground lebensraum is not as valuable to householders as in appliance areas of the country.

To determine a home’s worth victimization comps, additionally, examine the standard and variety of bedrooms and bathrooms. Three-bedroom homes square measure typically an enormous and over two-bedroom homes, however, four or five-bedroom homes do not add the maximum amount over a three-bedroom if they’re roughly an equivalent size in sq. footage. Likewise, 2 bathrooms may be a massive and over one toilet, however, 3 or additional do not add the maximum amount worth.


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