Why should we consider dance is an exercise?

Recently lots of youngsters considering Zumba, aerobics and other dance classes for maintaining their body. In this corporate world, we don’t have time to think about our health and exercise. If we do it with fun this makes sense.

So choose your best style of dance, register your name in the classes. “An apple a day, keep a doctor away” like this quote, doing an exercise few hours a week, which helps to lead a healthy life.

Here check the different forms of dance who is specialized in new jersey USA.

Bharatanatyam is the form of expressing a different way, to learn the traditional dance with master Satyaradhana.

new image for dance.jpg

He experienced and well-trained teacher around the New Jersey. Learn the classical form of Bharatha from Satyaradhana Bharatanatyam dance school.

KALASHRAM DHARA is a well-known Kathak dancer in the USA, they are professional Kathak dance teacher, and they offer free classes for referral for a month.


So enroll your part of Kathak dance exercise with KALASHRAM DHARA LUCKNOW GHARANA KATHAK DANCE SCHOOL.

Ballroom dance is the famous form of dance with children’s and adults, Indianica Academy is famous for ballroom dance, Beware of the talent that hides within you,

ballroom dance.jpg

for it is like a slow smoldering spark waiting to be kindled into something warm, bright and beautiful – Classes for ALL ages. Register for 3 months and get a discount of $30.

Shake your leg with modern forms of movement like Hip-Hop, AATMA Performing Arts dance school is one of the best award-winning academies in and around the New Jersey.


The classes are utilized with urban forms of movement such as popping, glide, and Harlem shake to the latest Pop and R&B music.

Folk is the ancient dance of India, anyone wishes to practice folk dance just get into the world of Kathak & Bollywood Taal Dance School,


Madhulika Swamy is the best trainer for folk dance in that school. Enroll your name today.

Bangra is the famous dance from the Punjab origin, the basic costumes for this Tehmat, Shalwar kameez, Lungi, Pag. Musical instruments are Dhol, Chimta, Alghoza.


To know more about this bhangra dance just heads over to the Akira Dance Group, they are famous around the Margate City, NJ.

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