Holiday/Christmas gifts ideas for daycare teachers 2020

It’s not mandatory to give or expected. It is the token of love to give your daycare providers during the holiday season. If you are working mom or new to this not having any about gifting, we have shared the few gift ideas here.


A personalized door mat:

Get a brand new door mate with the season adaptive with suits their personality, its too hard to find the door mates check online or buy nearby supermarkets.

A Christmas Ornaments:

Buy a personalized ornament by Lenox or a personalized one you could pick from the online store or mall. This will make them to remember your kid special.

Hand Cream:

If your childcare providers looking after many kids in your child’s daycare, for hygiene purpose they washed her hand frequently so their hand may cause dryness, the hand cream helps to keep her hand soft and feels good. Also check the fragrance of the perfume should meets their expectation or go for non-fragrant hand cream.

Homemade cookies and Chocolates:

If you think about budget gift then go for homemade cookies and chocolates are best option, make a dozens of cookies to share with kids, give cookies with your child cards.

Buy a new toy or a book to the class:

This gift will help to your daycare provider and the children’s, Consider buying the new toy that makes them happy, or if you buy the story books that is easy to tell story to kids.

So check the above gift ideas and choose your best one or if you have any ideas please share with as.

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