Spring and summer hair mask – 2018!

Today am going to reveal my favorite hair pack to you all, sounds good right? Every one following different hair packs and masks. I too tried a lot am telling really a lot, so am going to share my best ever hair pack to you.
If you want to do this hair pack visible result just try for 3 weeks, even your first time you see the visible result. So let’s start the thing.

egg mask.jpg
Egg- 1 or 2 (based on hair length and thickness)
Olive oil: 3 tablespoon
Vitamin E capsules – 3
Shower cap, brush, and bowl
Only 3 ingredients enough to get a soft silky hair.
Take a bowl, add egg yolks, olive oil, and vitamin E capsules then mix together well. Take a brush apply the pack to your scalp, layer by layer, for better result take small sections and apply. After applied cover with a shower cap. Wait for 20 to 30 minutes then wash hair with a mild shampoo and condition.
Just do this once you will start loving your hair more than before.

Thank you for reading. Please try, like and share. Also comment, this mask is helpful for you or not. Love you all!