Indian vegetarian food dishes for Wedding Catering

Indian wedding never boring because marriage rituals, dance, music and none other than tasty food recipes, from snacks to dessert we have lots of list.

Chat items:

North Indian Chat:

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South Indian Chat:

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Fruits Juices:

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Main Course

Coin parota – Originated from Kerala dish

Idly – Famous Tamilnadu dish

Adai Aviyal – Its is the alternative food for Idly/dosaTamilnadu dish

Ragi Idiyapam – Healthy and delisious dish

Oats Kolukatai – Latest addiction of south Indian families

Thalipeeth (Maharastra) – Multi grain pan cake, healthy any one can have.

Aloo Paratha – One of the easiest, delicious meal, must have in wedding catering list.

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Andra Special Pesaratu with Uppuma – Pesarattu upma is a super famous and wholesome breakfast that is full , satisfying and healthy, A must-have dish for your wedding Ceremony or Reception!

Dosa Varieties –  Sounth india famous for varieties of dosa like plain dosa, ghee roast, onion dosa, mushroom dosa and many variestis, include any one from theses types of delicious dosa.

And other items like – Corn Capsicum Pulav, Szechuan Noodles, Bisi belle bath, Vangi bath, Rasam  Rice.

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Sweets & desserts

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Mango Payasam – Delicious sweet serve hot or cold

Anarkali Roll – Made by sweet made from Almonds, Cashewnut, Pista, Sugar and Silver Leaves, must have at every wedding.

Jamun – Delicious sweet around the India.

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Ice Cream

ice creamFried Ice cream – The extraordinary taste and it is fries outside and smooth inside.

Faluda – No other replacement for this dessert, ice cream and filled with fruits, and jello’s. It is one of the stand out for children’s.

Sand witch – Is one of the famous ice cream is covered with chocolate and ice cream.

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Rajasthan Beeda


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