Winter Driving Safety Techniques

Maintain at least thrice the normal distance from the vehicle in front of you.

Reduce your driving speed because its help you to stop quicker.

Keep your gas tank as a minimum half full.

driving fog

Drive with your inside car lights on.

Start early, allow more time to travel. (Example if you reach office within 30 minutes, now spend 1hour to go office)

Be aware of problems.
Always wear Seat Belts. For more driving techniques details.

Fog (Mist)

When you come across fog, use your low beam headlight.

If it is possible stop the car stay for a while, the situation, will improve.

Stuck in show:

If any chances if you get stuck in snow, do the following techniques which save you.

Clear the path.

Straighten the front car wheels.

Use the rough materials like sand, car litter under the wheel.

Gently press the accelerator.

Don’t rotate the wheels.