Simple tips to Promote your Busniess

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How to find the Photographers and Videographers in bay area?

Choosing the best photographer is very easy today’s world because lots of professionals listed their profiles and business in online.

You have decided how to filter the best professional from the big list. Here I am going to share my experience how to choose the best photographer, also find the best professionals list and category wise.

First, ask Recommendation:

Reference is the best option to choose the photographer or videographer. You can ask your friend she got married last year or else ask your officemates or neighbors and relatives.

The second option is online search:

Lots of online websites listed photographers and videographers list, so just register the website and start surfing your needs. Select your bay area photographers from the huge list.

Raj Photo Creations

One of the Raj photo clients said: “one of the best picture takers ever I seen”. Neeta said “he is very patient throughout the event and captured the special moment beautifully.

raj creations.JPG

Contact here for more details about Raj Photo Creations

Ravi Shekar Photography:

He served San Jose, ca, you can find clients photos and videos for reference.


Bay area wedding photographers:


Are looking, who are specialized in wedding and reception functions find the list here with best customer ratings and reviews.

Dreams Snaps

Wedding photography and Videography Company in the San Francisco Bay Area for 13 years.


They are capturing lovely memories of your life and events. Amazing work.

Choose your best photographers and videographer for wedding and all events.


Why we have CPA?

Certified Public Accountant(CPA) give advice to individuals, businesses, financial institution, non-profit organization and government property.

Today’s world we need some extra guidance which helps to improve your business, who acts as an adviser for your business.


CPA help with tax preparation, auditing services, personal financial planning and advice on developing effective accounting systems.

Here I have listed CPA Firms in the around the USA

Atlanta CPA Firms:

Mehul R Merchant CPA

He is specialized in financial taxation, accounts, financial advice, bookkeeping and income tax.  2933 Kings Walk Avenue, Marietta, GA, United States

Rakesh Jain, CPA PC

He gives services allover Serving the Atlanta Area, he provides the broad range of services for business owners and independent persons.

Devesh Pathak CPA

They have 10 years of experience in financial and taxation services, handle accounts and federal tax and corporate tax services.

Find more details about cpa atlanta


CPA firms in Bay Area

1. Geetika Ahuja CPA
21580 Stevens Creek Boulevard, Cupertino, CA, United States
2. Devesh Pathak CPA
Serving the Bay Area
Here find the list of cpa bay area
Dallas CPA Firms:

1.Rimple Mashruwala CPA LLC

Serving the Dallas Fortworth Area
2. Vishali CPA

Serving the Dallas Fortworth Area

 3.Raman Abrol CPA

Serving the Dallas Fortworth Area

Contact the best cpa dallas for more details with all details.

 1. Yamini Patel CPA

18 Hook Mountain Rd, Pine Brook, NJ 07058, USA

2.Raman Abrol CPA

1130 Rte 46, Parsippany, NJ, United States

Here find the list of best cpa firms in nj

Contact the professionals for more details. Best customer ratings and reviews.


Get a Dreamy Style Valentine day look with Eyebrows and Eyelashes

Hey guys, how are you? I hope you’re doing well! Now, I am back with a simple article which explains the basic beauty services available in a beauty salon.  Each and every saloon have their own personalized skin care and makeup routine. If you approach the beauty salons, they provide you with the perfect professional service for almost every needs of yours.



For eyebrows, there are different levels of services such as threading, bleaching, and tinting.

Eyebrows threading:

Eyebrows are the important feature on our face! Some peoples get the natural shape and so many people have short or very thick shapeless eyebrows. So far, eyebrow threading is the best solution to overhaul such problems, and it is performed in ways, such as shaping, tweezed and waxed. Cotton is used for threading to remove the eyebrow lines. Beautician will remove the unwanted hair or completely reshape based on your needs.

eye brow thredaing

Note: If you have thin eyebrow just remove unwanted hair and use eyebrow pencil and a small brush to give it a shape. YouTube link (for beginners eyebrow shaping – )

Eyebrow Tinting and Bleaching:

It’s nothing but who are coloring their hairs they wish to match up their eyebrows which suits their hair color.

Find the best beauty salon in bay area, here!


You need not apply mascara if you have naturally healthy and dark eyelashes.

Eyelashes Highlighting:

It’s very popular with women and college going teenagers, and working women. It’s suited for those who have fair hair but want to have a dark one without using mascara.

Eyelash Extension:

The best solution for a woman who has short lashes, just imagines valentine day if you go with creative eyelashes, its surprising. Check these beauty salons which gives you the best eyelash service with creative style. Here find the best eyelash extensions bay areamakeup artist nj


Note: Use Castrol oil with buds, it gives you the permanent solution for short eyelashes. Apply the Castrol oil with help of buds in eyelashes and you will get long eyelashes definitely. (try this before going to bed every day).

 Eyelash Perming:

It sounds crazy, who said no to the curly thick eyelash? This suits people who have straight eyelash, it helps to open up the eyes. bay area makeup artist

I hope you enjoy this beauty services and my small tips. Do give it a try and don’t forget to like and drop comments below.

How to determine Financial Planning?


Financial planning comes under the different factors divided in two ways
Personal Expenses and investment is determined by your own earrings, purpose and living necessities
It will be separated by monthly and weekly expenses such us, planning for future like retirement plans, Buy a home to take the mortgage, own a vehicle to pay lease amount.
Secure your expenses papers to save from tax payments, balance your education loans or student loans, to handle life and health insurance.
Experts say to achieve a financial success have to invest long term and short term. Those investments help to secure yourself and your loved ones (family and friends).

I hope you have prepared your financial plan? let me know your ideas and advice here, we have the option to ask financial experts to achieve the financial success.

Here you can find the list of best financial service providers in different cities.

financial advisor Seattle list of top financial planners and tax planners in Seattle.

Now tax season so keep ready your bills and mortgage papers to save your tax amounts, also get ideas from financial advisor atlanta

Get the best solution for where to invest and how to invest? financial advisor houston

Worrying about tax payments, get taxes done by qualified, reliable and trustworthy financial advisor dallas

Tax planners and financial advisor los angeles helps to maintain business and bookkeeping, maintain employees payroll.


Travel Tip – How to Quit Your Job and Travel the World

How to Quit Your Job and Travel the World


First off: You Can Do It

Step 1: Research as Much as You Can

Step 2: How Much Do You Need Per Day?

Step 3: Start Saving

Step 4: Banking, Credit Cards & Bills Abroad

Step 5: Airline Tickets

financial advisor seattle help you to find the best solution to save money and investment guidance.

Step 6: Backpack or Luggage?

Step 7: Start Thinking About Packing

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