Best Wedding is Food Forever

No wedding is complete without a variety of good food and satisfied guests!


Top 3 DJ Professionals shared the major questions to ask while hiring a Wedding DJ professionals?

Here, I have shared few  Wedding DJ’s shared their experience with the questions asked by their customers. Who are famous and well-talented professionals?

Charles Garnett, DJ, music producer, and sound Engineer, shared his customer’s questions as off,


Are you available for my date?

Do you provide all the sound equipment needed?

Do you provide a written contract?

Do you charge for travel?

Can you provide music for the ceremony and the reception?

Do provide a wedding ceremony and reception sound system if I need both?

Are you licensed and insured?

Can we pick the music we want to hear and do not want to hear?

Do provide wireless microphones for toast or speeches?

Do provide lighting? Does it cost extra?

How many years of experience do you have? How many weddings have you, DJ?

Payment Based questions.

What is the total price for the package?

How much is the deposit?

How is final payment arranged?

Are there any additional fees I should be aware of?

Nick Eilerman – EPIC Charleston is the professional DJ, who performed around 500+ weddings, he shared the ultimate list of 47 questions to ask before you choose a wedding DJ.


The questions are based on the Availability, cost, dress and music preference.

Are you available for my Wedding Day?

Do you offer Free Consultations by Phone, Skype, In Person, etc?

What sets your Wedding DJ Company apart from others?

What do you (the DJ) wear? How do you dress up?

Do you assist me in finding music for our ceremony and reception?

How much do you charge for a 4-Hour Wedding Reception?

What do you charge for an extra hour of music?

Do you charge a travel fee?

What equipment do you use?

Can you setup remotely (wirelessly)?

What music do you recommend for this part of the Wedding?

How long do you play for?

Do you require a deposit? If so, how much to reserve you (the DJ)?

Do you have a contract and have any extra fees?

What if I cancel my Wedding? What is your refund policy?

Arran Jones shared few questions that should be asked before hiring a wedding DJs.


Arran is a professional and Party DJs & Event Company of UK.

Have you ever done this type of event before and how many events have you done?

How often do you perform at these events?

Do you take requests?

How much setup time do you require?

Do you use the backup equipment?

Do you have any references from clients from the same type of events?

Now the time for overall conclusions so the above DJ professionals shared the experience and question, the major is Charles, Nick, Arran both talked about the customer request, payments, dress, backup equipment’s, experience and reference.

Hope this will be the best list.

Child and Family photographers in and near Bay area

Bay area is the best place, lots of famous location available for good photography while checking out the professional photographers and videography services, check out the various forms like online, asked for friends and family reference and all.

While considering the family photographers and videographers in the bay area check the past customer’s reviews and ratings before choosing the right one.

Here, find the top-rated family photographers lists and their few example photos for reference.

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Lots of professionals ready to help to make your lovely moments more beautiful and everlasting.  Check the bay area photographers and their works details here. Kindly share your event photography experience in comments below.




Benefits of Dance Classes

Dance is the form of exercise, few people like to improve their fitness and maintain their healthy life, many people follow their passion to get into the dance floor, and few might be like to dance for entertainment. Whatever the reason when you hit the dance floor you will get these benefits. Check out the important pros of dancing.
When you join a new dance class, your friendship circle will develop the meaningful relationship, you can spend the good and fun time with your co-dancers.
Self-confidence will improve, but how, dance provides a place for school going kids to forget all their stress and focus on building their self-esteem, self-respect, and self-confidence.
Grandjete.jpgRelease your stress – dance is the best form of stress buster, when you come up with various form stress, from schools, college or workplace may be from home will be fade out.
Boosts the creativity, your memory power, and your marks & your way of thinking will be changed in a different way.
Dancer know how to fuel their body in a correct way, they choose the right food for a healthy diet to hit the floor in the dance studio.
So check out the best way to improve your memory and healthy body. Here find the few dance studios which they teach the various forms of dance classes in NJ. So share your dance experience here, if you learning dance please comment.

A simple tip to make your office holiday party something special not like boring!


Plan your official party before the day heats up, it will avoid the stress, reduce the unexpected costs and ensure it doesn’t the boring obligations for employees. Here I have shared some pro suggestions to make the party fun and unique departure from everyday office lifestyle.

Food with creative menus:

Boring foods never make employees happy, just try something new, the menu should be different and unique also keep it doesn’t ruin your pocket.

Plan an interactive activity:

Not everyone naturally mingles with all, after a long time in professional working hours came out for the party, sometimes make awkward to feel comfortable, so just arrange the meaningful interactive games, which makes them comfortable to enjoy the party.

Also be a part of professional; DJ ensures to be on tune timing.

Also, hire a rent photobooth to let your employees enjoy reveal their fun faces at the moments

The venue must away from office:

The party venue can be little far from your office which makes them feel comfortable to get relief from office stress, just make sure there is no festival time, because the venue costs may higher than normal time.

Maybe you can use outside of your office which can be more spacious which can be useful. Make sure hiding all your work-related thinks from your attendees.

How about the signature cocktail:

The cocktail is the important part of any party choosing the right flavor and brand which makes more fun. Choose the different for both genders, because they don’t go for the same cocktails.


Make sure your employees going late night so be aware of their safety and comfort zone, so just hire or arrange upper lyft cabs. Consider the carpooling and van if you going on budget.

Budget tips:

Music is the best option to make everyone happy and enjoyable, just check out the party djs nearby you.

HAppy party planning! Rock your office party.




Start loving your bathroom without spending dollars

We all need bathroom it’s common, its place we feel relax stress-free, so its the time to remodel or make little changes which you overwhelming whenever you go in.


Life is once enjoyed till the end, see the 5 steps which help you to renovate your bathroom.

Like any command, share if you love your bathroom. Happy bathroom.