Recreate Your Daycare Centers with Dramatic play ideas!

Use these below dramatic ideas for kids to make them fun and learning.

Once the play area is set up, be there to supervise but interfere as little as possible.

Let the children learn social skills and to work out differences on their own.

Ideas are below:

Hair Salon:

Combs and brushes, Hair clips, old wigs, some water.

kids hair salon

Plastics roller, Towels, sheets to cover the customers. daycare washington


Create a laminated menu. Get some paly money, chef hat, pad or paper and pen for waiters, apron, Find pictures of food in old magazines to decoupage on plastic plates.

kids rest

Chairs, table and tablecloth. Doll high chair, so only “baby” can come along to eat. Plastic cups and silverware. Napkins. Cash register.Find the best day care in Sunnyvale ca


A set of books and magazines. Use any type of books, not just children’s books and Text books. Use index cards taped inside the front cover for the checking out process. Use small homemade library cards.

printest lib

Desk or small table and chair for “librarian”. “Quiet please” sign.More Playing ideas and

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Plastic vessels, Old thread and paper flowers, ribbons and foam blocks to fold the flowers on place

kids florist

Display area, pay money and table with cash register.More day care related ideas and address contact here.

Clothing Store:

This dramatic play thought is a most loved of children. Assemble an assortment of men’s and ladies’ dress. Bear in mind the caps, shoes, and stout adornments. Show the attire.

clothing store

Have a region with a full estimated unbreakable mirror so the kids can “look at” what they look like. Table with money enlist. Satchels and wallets. Play cash. Best day care Philadelphia


Stethoscope and lab court, stuffed animals, clipboards and pen.


Think about your new ideas and setup your plays with kids playing area. Here fione the list of day care ny.

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